Plant Jokes

       Bob: I just bought a new book on plant care.

      Bill: Why?

      Bob: 'Cause I want to be a good weeder!


      Sonny: How do you like that new gardening show?

      Cher: I can take it or leaf it!

      Dick: Do you know how to ship vegetables?

       Fanny: By Parsley Post!


      Wierdo: I really like that gardening show.

       Fozzy: Yeah, it really grows on you!


      Billy Bob: How do you tell a dogwood tree from a redwood tree?

       Liza Jane: I don't know! How?

      Billy Bob: Because of its bark!


        Fruity: Why was the strawberry worried?

      Tooty: Ummm, I dont know! WHY?

       Fruity: His Mom and Dad were in a jam!


       Daisy: What is the reddest side of an apple?

      Dizzy: Like I'm supposed to know?

      Daisy: The outside!


        Buttercup: How did you break your arm?

      Dandelion: I fell out of a tree!

      Buttercup: How far did you fall?

      Dandelion: How far do you think? All the way to the ground!


      Jilly: What tree do you like when you're hungry?

      Philly: I don't know

       Jilly: The 'pan-tree'!


   Q: April Flowers bring May flowers, but what do May flowers

  A: Pilgrims!