Strategic Plan

System Level Master Plan

Goal 1: All students will meet or exceed high academic standards.

Objective 1.1
Students will meet or exceed state proficiency levels in tested areas.


  • 1.1.a Maryland School Assessment
  • 1.1.b High School Assessment

Provide a comprehensive fine arts program (art, music, dance, theater) in grades 1-12 giving each child opportunities to demonstrate increasing proficiency in Essential Learning Outcomes in Fine Arts (ESOFA).

In 1995, MSDE adopted the Schools for Succes goal that all children will have the opportunity to participate in fine arts programs that enable them to meet Maryland standards in the arts. The importance of quality fine arts instruction and it impact across the curriculum is reinforced by the recent publication, Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development (Washington, D.C.: Arts Education Partnership, 2002).

Activities Evidence of Implemen-tation Respons-ibility Evaluation 03-08 Timeline
Recruit and place highly qualified fine arts teachers with appropriate classroom teaching loads. Roster of Staff Fine Arts Coordinator and Bldg Admin. Demonstration of the ELO's will be accomplished through implemen-tation of formative, summative, and performance-based assessments. As assessments are developed, pilot adminis-trations will be delivered to targeted students. Ongoing: Staff complete by August annually
Design and develop assessments in each of the fine arts. Design, pilot and revise assessments with fine arts staff. Assessment documents Fine Arts Staff and Fine Arts Coordinator See above. Music 2003
Art 2004
Dance 2005
Theater 2006
Implement "Instruments in the Attic" program to solicit used instruments for use by students. Provide program facilitator to coordinate collections and distributions. Inventory of instruments assigned to students Fine Arts Coord. Instr. In Attic Facilitator See above. Ongoing, 2003-08
Utilize current and new technologies to implement ELOFA. Technology in Arts Strategic Plan Fine Arts Coord. Fine Arts staff Tech. Services See above. Art 02-03
Music 03-04