Strategic Plan

Future Plans

The continuation of this project will be ensured through the cooperative efforts of ArtsReach and Board of Education program expansion. Over the past five years, ArtsReach has established a secure community network linking the schools with area arts organizations. Goals will continue to be established by this organization to expand arts opportunities for the children of Cecil County. ArtsReach has sponsored Gala Community Performances featuring students in art, music, dance, and drama; organized and sponsored an annual Children's Concert; obtained representatives from each school to serve as an advisory council; expanded the constituency of the organization to involve additional community organizations; sponsored dance enrichment programs in the elementary schools; and co-sponsored grants to support the continued efforts of the organization. Over the next five years, ArtsReach will help to support expanded art, music, dance, and drama resources through special enrichment programs, community performances, curricular programs, summer camps, and after-school projects.

Cecil County Board of Education, ArtsReach, individual schools, and staff will continue to work to expand fine arts curricular program offerings. Instrumental string programs have been added annually since 1998. Additional staff have been added for music and art programs over the past five years. Curricula have been developed at each level in music, art, dance, and drama. Pilot assessments are currently underway for elementary and middle school general music. ArtsReach has assisted with programs for students at every level including "Instruments from the Attic" for students who are financially unable to participate in instrumental music. Collaborative efforts in Cecil County will continue to offer a comprehensive arts program that reflects the Maryland State Essential Learner Outcomes for the Fine Arts and addresses the necessary school improvement for "Schools for Success Goals 2000."