Strategic Plan

Evaluation Plan

Evaluation of this strategic plan will seek to answer five major questions:

  1. Are targeted students able to demonstrate Essential Learner Outcomes in the fine arts as a result of implemented curricula and assessments?
  2. Are targeted students provided instruction by certified staff in each area of the fine arts?
  3. Are staff development opportunities provided to teachers that support the Essential Learner Outcomes in the fine arts?
  4. Is the "Instruments from the Attic" program expanding its resources in order to provide potential instrumental students an opportunity to participate in the program and successfully fulfill the Essential Learner Outcomes in the fine arts?
  5. Are ArtsReach partners expanding opportunities in the fine arts for targeted students?
  6. Is there a plan for the replacement of essential instruments and equipment and is it being acquired on a systematic basis?
  7. Is there a plan for the implementation of technology and is it being acquired on a systematic basis?

Specific evaluation strategies will reflect each of the seven major questions. Demonstration of ELO's will be accomplished through implementation of formative, summative, and performance-based assessments. As assessments are developed, pilot administrations will be delivered to targeted students. Sample data will be collected and compiled in the final report of each grant period.

Measurements relating to the number of students serviced by certified staff will be accomplished through school surveys. Questions will reflect percent of population serviced by art, music, dance, and theatre staff.

Staff development programs for teachers will be documented and surveys conducted to determine the effectiveness of presentations, use of information and implementation of ELO's.

ArtsReach will develop annual goals and a calendar of events to support each of their long-range objectives.

A strategic plan to implement equipment replacement and technology in the fine arts will be developed by teachers, administrators, and community representatives. The foundation of this plan will begin during the 2001-2002 school year. Each school will submit a plan of action. Specific milestones will dictate incremental steps to implement the necessary instruments, equipment, hardware, and software in each school.

Evaluations will become a natural part of the yearly process. School, teacher, and student surveys will be collected as activities are administered. The ArtsReach executive committee will continually review progress and make recommendations. The instructional leadership team will be involved in yearly assessments and budget proceedings. The final report of each grant period will be disseminated throughout the county and state.