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UCSCA Lit of the Nation
William Prior

A sheet of black like the grim reapers cloak engulfed the barren field that was littered with tombstones. A small boy crawled on the hard dirt which felt like worn cobble stones. Blood blossomed on his body like blooming roses. As he moved on in that barren land he shook and trembled from endless fear and pain. At last he came to the dark tombstone that felt like ice, the boy touched it and a tear shaped like a pear and as clear as a marble feel onto a patch of thorny yellow grass that looked like the sun. And at last the boy fell, with his hand scraping the icy stone, unveiling three words on the beardish gray of the tomb stone. The boy looked at those words in the dimming musty sunlight, and as he began to fall unconscious into what could have been the rest of the dead, those last three words burned in his mind. Martha Harperson Mother, Martha Harpenson Mother!

The morning dawn broke over the sprawling metropolis in a flood of life giving life. The windows glinted and shimmered, basking in the sun as though they were people in a mountain of endless gold. In side of one of those windows two tall figures could be seen shouting at one another arguing over something that seemed to be the world to them. Soon one of them left to the window and stood in the streaming corn gold sunlight. On his head he had a black bowler hat that, along with his night black suit and what seemed to be storm cloud gray short beard and hair, he looked like an old business man that was looking out for his monetary fairs. " You know it really is a beautiful day today, Mr. Iniso" said the man at the window.

"Mr. Finora, something must be done about this, me and you both know the obstacles and problems that could occur from our starting the project, but couldn't our enemy destroy even more?" said the man leaning on an algae green couch.

" Mr. Inisio! Be quiet! These matters are important, yes true, but shouldn't we enjoy the peace the world is still trying to hold together? We should live in this moment of sun, birds, insects, and things that are still green. This is the world the world we are going to protect is it not? Then let us live in it." Said Mr. Finora.

"But, Mr. Finora, if we don't stop the devil no..." Mr. Inisio began to say but was cut off by a dearth glance from Mr. Finora.

"I suggest we finish this matter later Mr. Inisio, I may come by to visit this afternoon, we shall discuss this then, good bye Mr. Inisio."

Mr. Inisio got up from his seat and walked across the musty room, with sweat pouring down his delicate soft face. His head started to turn to say one last thing, but he was quickly silenced by another glance from Mr. Finora's face, it was twisted and stern with his skin wrinkled and his green eyes bulging with anger. Mr. Inisio turned around his head and moved his feat off of the dusty floor