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UCSCA Lit of the Nation
The Dark Traveler
William Prior


The maple brown trees swayed in the freezing ice-like air while their leaves were played with like toys, and in its midst there stood a man. He was shaking with pain and weakness, his body had been battered and blood was beginning to form on his skin like blossoming roses. He walked forward, away from the trees and to the top of a hill, going through the occasional patch of grave grass. The man could feel the old gnarled bark of the stick that he leaned on for support so that he could stand, but as he approached one grave, he let go of the old stick and collapsed. Lying on the hard and barren ground, he tried to look at the grave that was in front of him. Then he began to stare at the angel that was perched on top. Its eyes pierced into the mans heart like an avenging warrior, cross brandished before it like a holy sword. He started to tremble more uncontrollably as a cerulean pear-shaped tear ran along the side of his face and touched the ground, sending ripples through the pool of blood that had begun to flow down the hillside. He looked at the writing on the grave one last time then stared at the bright moon fading away in the dark clouds beginning to cover the sky like the grim reaper's cloak. His eye's flickered, and the words that had been on the tombstone burned in his mind. Marina Harperson, Marina Harperson!

Chapter 1

The steady beat of the day's traffic pulsed through the city, making the two voices in the penthouse apartment of the Exosiphe building sound like small bugs. "Mr. Finora! If what they say is truly happening, then we must stop its development as soon as possible!" yelled a man leaning in a dark black couch.

"Can you ever not think of business, Mr. Inisio? Today is beautiful, if this is the world we're trying to protect, then should we not also try to enjoy it? Just come look out this window down to the park, Mr. Inisio. Hear the birds singing and feel the wonderful sunlight," Mr. Finora said. "Stand here and bask in the glory of this world which we are to save."

Mr. Finora's face was glowing, his storm cloud gray beard seemed deeper and richer, full of life and youth. Mr. Inisio soon also became entranced by the sunlight and left his seat to stand near Mr. Finora. He also stared. He saw and felt the life of the world pounding from every thing. He felt the trees and the grass; he felt the people and the buildings. He felt their story's, he felt their life, he felt the beauty of the earth. "Now Mr. Inisio, I will stop by later today for our board meeting, then we should discuss what we will do with this "devil" as you call it."

"Yes, Mr. Finora, the board would like you're input on the subject," Said Mr. Inisio.

"We'll see you then".

Mr. Inisio walked across the soft carpeted floor and opened the oak door to head out into the hall way. When Mr. Inisio had left Mr. Finora said to himself "I hope we will meet soon Mr. Inisio, and that you will make the right choice."

Some where down in the basement of the building a few voices could be heard. "So, he suspects us. We must terminate him before he infects any others with his poison." said one of the voices.

"This devil must be stopped no matter what the cost, he must be destroyed." said another.

"That damn light loving fool, he could ruin our plans. Are you sure we had the other one exterminated?" said another.

"Yes sir." Said one of them in response.

"Well I'm not so sure, there have been rumors..." said another one in response.

"What ever the case is, the devil must be destroyed, no matter who the host or what gets in our way!" yelled the one of the group that seemed to be the leader.

After that all went silent in the dank dark room.