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UCSCA Lit of the Nation
The Super Healers
Hannah Monti

Super Healers
Jessica: Pinchy Divincy
Grace: Pencil Pusher
Emily: Super-Ano
Abigail: Clare The Way
Allison: Sax A Savor
Brittany: Incredible Cleft Note
Allison: Inchoir Girl
Lindsey: Little Johnny
Olesia: Suzie
Kelsey: Bum
Sam: Narrator
Crystal: Teacher
Hannah: Mother Of Little Johnny

Sam: Little Johnny is having a race with his friend Susie one day during recess at school.

Olesia: Ready! Set! GO!

Sam: As the race started, their teacher Ms. Understood saw Johnny's shoe was untied!

Crystal: No running! Wait! Stop! His shoe!

Sam: Mrs. Understood's warnings were of no avail. Because suddenly Little Johnny fell!

Lindsey: *Crying and sobbing, hold your hurt knee* I WANT MY SUPER HEALERS! WHERE ARE MY SUPER HEALERS!

Olesia: MS. UNDERSTOOD! MS. UNDERSTOOD JOHNNY IS HURT!....Super Healers? Who are they? *Confused*

*At the top secret Super healers lair.*

Sam: Meanwhile.... At the Super Healers Lair....

Grace: Hey! Come on now! Ante up... Don't be shy...

Emily: hark! I head Little Johnny crying!

*Throw Cards onto table and leap up*

Abigail: Hurry! To the Invisible Bus Mobile!

*Jump in and start driving*

Jess: Allison forgot her nametag!

*Gasp, stop bus, and turn it around*

Grace: Aw great, now we have to turn and go back!

*Every one moan and groan*

Emily: Do you have it now?

Allison: Yeah, yeah lets go.

*Driving Across Stage*

Kelsey: DUUUUDE.... Sweeeet... *Follow them and join in the line*


*Back At School*

Olesia: *Yelling random things such as OH MY GOODNESS! And WHO ARE THE SUPER HEALERS?*

Crystal: He's lost it! He's crazy! *Whip out phone and call mom, talk in back round. "Your son! He's crazy!" And such...

*Super Healers Arrive*

Jess: HEEEY! Johnny! It's Pinchy Divinchy! How about a picture to cheer you up! *Whip out a drawing and proudly show it to him*

Lindsey: It's kind of pretty... *Whimper*

Emily: *Push Jess away off to side gently.* Super-Ano Here! I'll sing you a song to make you feel better! Incredible Cleft Note, Inchior Girl, join me!

*Sing your Song*

Allison: How was that?

Lindsey: That wasn't to bad... *Sniff*

Grace: *Shake head* Little Johnny clearly wants a story read, written by me!

*Mouth words to a story off a paper*

Lindsey: That was ok I guess. *Wipe your eyes*

Alison and Abigail: Have no fear! Dynamics Duo is here!

*Go straight into you song, when done bow and smile together*

Lindsey: That wasn't to bad... *Hiccup and clap a little*

Olesia: *Clap along* Who are we clapping for?!?!

Sam: The Super Healers were at a lost! What could they do to help Little Johnny!

*Kelsey leap out and Play a song for everyone to sing to*

Hannah: *Arrive and put a band aide on the cut, look very pleased since son is happy*

*Super Healers smile and leave on bus, Johnny waves goodbye*

Emily: Yeah, so guys, where did the bum come from?

*Everyone looks at Kelsey.*

Abigail: *Walk forward and present her with cape.*

Sam: From that day out, the Bum was made an official member of the Super healers and was known as Benevolent Bum!