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UCSCA Lit of the Nation
Dream or Reality
Hannah Monti

Their cries were lower now, and soon they would come for the kill. She felt its red eyes on her back as she pounded through the forest. Sharp cries were given from above as she leapt through tangled foliage. The black growth of the forest rushed in to meet her as she plunged in, unable to escape.

"If you stop running my love, I'll call her off."

The sinister voice rang through her head. Panting wildly and gasping for breath, her legs staggered beneath her and sent her falling into the grasps of the forest.

"Get out! Get out!" She screamed. She didn't understand the voice, or what it wanted with her.

It chuckled, its laughter filling her head making her paralyzed. She screamed. Her own cry was answered with another, unlike any Earthly noise.

The great creature flapped its wings causing the forest to shudder violently. As the black creature landed, it smiled cruelly, its beak opening into a gaping space of terror.

"Do you want me to call her off?" It asked her again, a smile in its voice.

Angel scrambled on the forest floor trying to escape the horrific monster. As the creature lowered its curved head, beak opening and teeth appearing in the gaping mouth, Angel screamed.

"Yes! Call it off! I'll do anything, jus-" She broke off sobbing

Angel was awakened roughly, a male's face appearing in her vision.

"Angel, what happened? Are you ok?" His eyebrows were scrunched together as he peered at her. Angel could have laughed. It had all been a dream. She was safe... She was in Dylan's home safe and sound...

"What time is it?" She asked, groggily sitting up. Dylan glanced at his wristwatch.

"Five, are you sure your ok? You want a drink? I'll get you one!" he said, almost tripping over himself trying to get to the kitchen.

"Five?" She said. "In the morning?" She cried, standing quickly. Her head swam as her knees buckled as she fell to her knees. Scrambling she fought to stood and made her way to the kitchen.

"Dylan, it's five! I told my mom I would be home at ten, last night!" Dylan turned after putting the water away and offering her a glass.

"It's ok, we'll tell them the truth you fell asleep." He said reassuringly.

"No, it isn't!" She cried. "You know what they're going to think! You're 17!" Dylan shook his head.

"No, they will believe the truth and that's what we are going to tell them..." He kissed the top of her head softly.

"I'll drive you home, come on." He said leading her to the door. Angel nodded as she stumbled after him.

As Dylan drove he kept glancing sideways at her. When he finally found the courage to speak to her, he looked away.

"What was your dream about? 'Call it off?' Call what off?" He asked.

Angel shook her head. The voice still sang through her head, the creature's horrific face was fresh in her memory as they drove. Dylan sighed, but made no other attempt to talk about it.

As the pulled into Angel's driveway, a woman rushed out, followed by a man.

"Angel! We were so worried, why didn't you call!" She woman sobbed, hugging her while Angel sat mystified in the car.

Her dad walked up to Dylan and leaned in through the open window.

"Now, what you do on your own time boy, is none of our business. You're almost an adult; Angel here is only fifteen. Don't drag her into your sick games. She's too young."

He growled, a whiskey sent filling their car.

Dylan smiled politely but shook his head.

"I'm afraid you have me all wrong, sir. Nothing happened. We were watching a movie and Angel fell asleep. I didn't have the heart wake her." He said kindly. The father frowned.

"I bet you didn't. Angel, come on honey, lets get you inside," He yelled as he walked to the other side of the car, his eye on Dylan the whole time.

Angel pushed off the seat and stood a second before wavering and falling back down. Dylan leapt from his seat in the driver side and rushed around.

"Whoa Angel. I'll carry you." He said gently, as he began to pick her up.

"YOU'LL DO NO SUCH THING!" her father roared, pushing him aside, and picking his daughter up himself.

"You get on home, and if I ever hear from you again..." he trailed off, leaving the consequences up to Dylan's imagination.

Angel's mom walked in front of them, opening the door and pointing to the couch. She rushed into the kitchen wetting a cold cloth and placing it on Angel's head. Angel squirmed but was still scared to do anything but mumbled. Her mom turned to Mr. Younce.

"What happened?" She whispered to him.

"They slept together." he said bitterly, turning his head from his daughter as if ashamed.

"Dylan told you that?" She said mortified.

"No, but he claimed they were watching a movie!" The father snorted and stomped off to their room.

Mrs. Younce shook her head and sat on the floor next to her daughter.

"It's not true. Right, honey?" She whispered. Angel shook her head and mumbled.

"I knew it wasn't," she said softly, rising and following her husband.