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UCSCA Lit of the Nation
Though I Am Flirting with Danger
Emily Hesselton

Though I am flirting with danger, I enjoy it. The thrill, the utter sensation echoing; pulsing though my body; the very thought of me sitting on the edge of safety, dangling my feet off the cliff of sanity. It's a steep fall—steeper than ever before, but that makes it all the more invigorating. To be able to virtually fall, nothing binding me to judgment or to safety or to the perfection of society. Flirting with the very idea that I don't know what's coming next; that normalcy is not the question, nor the answer, not anything within the thinking process. Fear of normalcy is nothing. Fear of danger is something. Something to become nothing. Thrill of danger, pulsing beat by beat, from my mind slowly reverberating till it reaches the tips of my toes, the idea that freedom is neither from danger nor safety. Freedom is from ourselves. Danger is the friend, the enemy, but the thriller that walks hand-in-hand with an open mind in a closed society: the seer in the world of blind. Danger shattering perfection, the Armageddon to blow away all fears; to strengthen thoughts, minds, hearts, bodies as it pulses with a human pulse. Savoring bit by bit the thrill of falling... from sanity into oblivion where danger is king.

One who has gained so little has never lost so much when the Lord God said, "your time is up." The expulsion of a soul from the body from Earth to a distant beyond where higher beings reside. And as I sit here, among the stones showing the final resting places of these brave souls, these cowardly souls, loved and hated, adored and scorned, an unearthly presence consumes my thoughts, for never have I seen those who gained so little lose so much for I am not one of them, but their footprints from ages ago are ones that I now walk in; the remnants of a memory from long ago. I'm sitting above corpses whose sols sit above me. So many here still have loved ones to mourn their passing, but others just have a name frozen in stone as if frozen in time, which is meaningless to the living, and nothing to the dead, for their passing and time to mourn is just a footprint in history. I have read those final messages of those lost souls engraved in rock, or rather the final messages of the souls who found eternity.

I am not exactly sure which edit this is, since it did go through three editing processes, and there are two other paragraphs that are completely unrelated to either one, but I have the hard copy of them, so I'll be using them.