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Essay on Writer's Blocks
Stephen Hayes

The writer's block. One of the most dreaded-if not the most dreaded-types of problems to confront a writer. Also one of the most annoying. It strikes with the stealth of a ninja and with the force of a twenty-megaton nuclear warhead. The aftershock ends up being one of the worst parts of the block. The sheer...blocking of the mind...shoots through your veins with the speed of a car driven by a teenager. It slams into your vitals, shutting them down one by one. But it eventually reaches your capital-and last fortress-your brain.

This is fatal to your writing. This will kill all remaining brain cells in one quick sweep. You will experience a variety of symptoms, but these are the most common:

  1. Loss of train of thought and seemingly brilliant ideas
  2. Total frustration as well as loss of hope
  3. The death of any concept that was held dear to you moments before
  4. The loss of willingness to continue

It is a sad thing to have happen to you. And it is safe to say that this has happened to you, undoubtedly. It is the one of the worst possible afflictions to strike down a writer. It is also one of the most common and hated.