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UCSCA Lit of the Nation
Chloe Campbell

Music adds such a glow to any occurrence. No matter what your emotion, any piece of music can match it with its ups and downs of delicate strokes. Music is the script to life. It choreographs all our movements and thoughts. Music is not just notes and octaves, but also all the sounds on top of silence. Silence is music, too but also an excellent base for other sounds.

Imagine a tablecloth. Now imagine the sharp sounds of a violin racing each other through the patterns and hiding in the bright colors and shapes, then reconvening when the piece ends.

If you cannot hear, remember the statement about silence and analyze the movements of sound. If you cannot see or hear, feel the movement and base sound on touch.

However, I'm sure you know all of this already because music has touched everyone born and dead. It is inside them and in their eyes and around their skin. Music will be here forever and its purpose will be just.....to be.