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UCSCA Lit of the Nation
Keys, of Course
Chloe Campbell

There are keys to open doors
And keys to traps in floors
Also, are there keys to open peoples' eyes and see their insides?

Are there keys to flying
And to why you are crying?
Don't worry about dying, there's a key for that, too.

And when you are teased
Is there a key to please?
So the taunts will cease
and you can walk with ease?

Then what is the key to the fight?
There should be no twisting words or lies to be heard.
Just wait your turn
and soon you'll learn.

There is no key to perfection.

But why are we so focused on the right key
when there are other ways to open a lock?

More keys wait to be found.
So when you hear the sound,
Don't look down at the ground
Look up at the sky and then you can fly.
Because you've found the key!