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UCSCA Lit of the Nation
Grow up
Chloe Campbell

When I feel that you've held my hand long enough,
I'll tell you.
And when it's time to go,
I'll leave.

But as this time passes,
We can both say
That we grew as people.
And you'll always say that you grew more than me,
As a cover for the lack of maturity you gained.

I know I'm smarter than you
And when someone hears my words,
They listen intently.
And when someone treats me kindly,
They know they can trust me to say thank you.
And when my truth is told, there is no doubt
that it is factual.

So when you realize your own fake life,
And know that you fooled yourself into being a real person,
I'll finally know for sure that I grew more than you did.

And when your mask is flung to the floor
And your real face finally shows
Real emotion,
Then you know that it can hurt to be pure.