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UCSCA Lit of the Nation
Imprisoned Childhood
Allison Baker

Their words have captured me and forced me into a trance. I jump from step to step. I am unaware of the treacherous battle each of my feet face when scrambling to find each step below the other; every step falling down through eternity once each sole has caressed its fašade. "Come back, Allison, come back." Still imersed in the spell, I reach the door and pull the handle of spitting flames with all of my might. The door swings back and a wave of bright light hits me. They chant, "come back, Allison, come back."

I run onto the chalkboard green lawn and breathe the air that used to make my limbs dance and my mind soar. "Come back, Allison," they call, "come back." I rush to them, eager to meet my captors.

The children's faces are round with smiles that touch both ears and eyes that ooze excitement and adrenaline. As we grasp hands and form a circle, my body feels the jolt of their energy through my sweaty palms. We begin to spin, faster and faster. The rush of wind challenges my grip to become firmer and firmer.

We swirl and dance into a ring of unidentifiable colors. The wind becomes steadily heavier and soon my grip grows weak. The children's faces suddenly droop as their huge smiles melt into frowns. Their hands become flimsy like rubber as my fingertips grasp for false hope.

We proceed to pick up speed and spin so fast that our feet lose traction with the now barren and decaying lawn. Suddenly I lose my grip and I'm catapulted to the ground with such force that I bury myself into the ashes of the once lush landscape. The children spin into the sky, circling faster and faster toward a tarnished copper sun.

From a distance they call, "Allison... Allison... Allison..." Then their sound rapidly approaches. "Allison... Allison!" I jolt sideways as my mother shakes me violently. Her face is solemn and full of sadness, her eyes water with unmistakable disappointment. "Allison..." she whimpers, "When did you stop being a little girl?"