Arts and Communication



      This web page is designed to be a resource for the Arts & Communications cluster (Digital Arts, Literary Arts, Performing Arts, and Visual Communications). By using this resource, teachers and students should be able to conduct computer searches to reference local and regional arts sources. This link will allow students to: meet Area Artists; explore Local and Regional Arts opportunities; investigate Art Related Careers; better understand Arts Education in the Community; explore relevant Career Cluster Pathways; reference Career Resources; view Photo Galleries; and explore other Student Opportunities in the Arts. This web page is intended to constantly evolve in its scope and magnitude of resources.


      During the past five years, Cecil County Public Schools (CCPS) has undertaken a rigorous evaluation of the educational programs at each of the three instructional levels-- elementary, middle and high. At the high school level, the document, High School Education: From Vision to Reality, published in September 2000, set the parameters for curriculum, instruction, assessment, organization, time, student support and community partnerships in the high school. A significant part of the curricular high school reform revolves around a combination of academic study and work-based learning opportunities based on commonalities of interests and aptitudes. This concept is known as Career Clusters. The four major cluster areas that were adopted by CCPS are Business, Finance & Logistics; Health & Human Services; Science, Engineering & Technology, and Arts & Communications.

      As curriculum developed to address these clusters, individual teacher/community-based committees were established to develop the scope and sequence and individual courses. It was determined by the collective committees to develop a sequence of cluster and pathway courses to take students from the freshman seminar to sophomore cluster introductory course and ultimately to pathway courses leading to higher education or job related careers. The first course to be introduced during school year 2004-05 for the Arts & Communication cluster was "Communicating Through the Arts".